In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Saved by the Bell.”This happened to me when i was in senior high school and i was the class . Prefect and 1:00pm we had gone for second  me and my friends to eat.The second break only last for 45 mins.So an hour gone and we are not yet back to the campus,the has been rang for break over and we are still not back.We were supposed to have Social studies after break and our social studies teacher my friend dont joke with him very wicked and when you are late to his class count yourself dead.The reason we had not come back to campus was because he has not been to school for the whole day.i looked everywhere fot him and did not find him before going to break since i knew we will be having him till we close around 2:30pm

After finishing our food (beans with gari and hot

plantain)at Daavis joint which was close to our school we left for campus and before we entered the class..the social teacher was in class.He told my friends to go and sit that he will only punish me by giving me 20 lashes since i was the class p.My heart jumped and i nearly fainted.i was he took the cane and as he was about to hit me at my back the headmaster came him to call him that

he need him urgently at the office so he put the cane down and told me he will punish me tomorrow since it was closing time.Ohhh my God i thanked my stars.This what i call save by the bell.


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