In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”It really bad when you are accuse of something bad which you are innocent.People easily jump into conclusion without hearing you out and if you dont try to scour it out.i bet you its going to be a stigma on you for the rest of your life.

I quite remember i went to a friend house on an invitation.He was a having a birthday party and this my friend i am telling you about is my best friend way back from primary school.The family knew me well..the father is likes me but the mother dont according to her i am bad influence on her son.They are very rich and you know how sometimes rich people towards their children over protective..So we were having fun at the house,music was going on so we were dancing when the mom came for the son to her room.The story happen about two years ago.Later my friend came to the hall were the party was going on. We were like Ten i followed him outside and oh my God the most shocking and disgraceful news have ever heard in my life,,The mom said she cant find her money which is about 10.000 Ghana cedis that she saw me living the hall and i was going to the kitchen were she had left the money in the kitchen because she was busy there.I told my friend yes i left the hall but i went to the wash room to urinate..i did not go to the kitchen,,we were talking when the mum came in and started raining insult and curses on me that if i dont bring the money he will call in the police.I tried explaing myself but this woman will not hear me out.Soo we were arguing when the father entered with the brown envelope in his hands.Thete


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