In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”When i need to relax and get my sense of humour back after a rough week or maybe from a bad situation,,I try to get away from the noisy enviroment my house were each and every day you will be hearing all kinds of disturbances from cars,bus,bikes and other crazy characters neighbours cursing each other which sometimes lead to fight..hahaa i bet you get a picture of were i am coming from..i live in compund house with my family…On weekends oh my God you cant have your peace of mind..there is a football park which is closer to my house..children come to play there and some footballers aswell..sometimes i go to play with my friends.

To get away from all these when i have alot on my mind.I go to the beach on week days especially Mondays.i love the breeze and the enviroment fresh air,take a walk on the sand.Exercise is another thing which i love sweat my problems of from my mind and body so i jog and when i am done jogging for about 45mins i go to help the fishermen pull their fishing net when they come to shore,,singing and chanting whiles pulling the net praying to make a good catch for the day..They have family to feed and school fees to pay and bills and debt to settle..very interesting.After the pulling and there are lot of fishes..i will be giving some of the fishes since i help them.i make some fire at the beach get some cooking utensils from them…they are my friends and i cook it and buy Kenkey and eat it.i mount a canopy sit under it and watch the fishermen doing their own thing and these activities really help me forget about all my problems and brings back my sense of humour since i interact with them and joke around,,i say to myself hey Jerry get your head up i am not the only person with a problem here..I have to find a solution for my problem and then move on.


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