an response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.” As i a child i never knew of evil until i grew up and getting to know the different between good and bad.My understanding about evil is doing something bad or trying to inflict pain on innocent people.Evil can be depicted in many forms and i think its a bad thing and its affecting society alot..Evil as been around for alot time eg.Biblically it happens when out of jealousy and greed Cain killed Abel,Joseph was sold in slavery by his brothers even Jesus Christ was betrayed by his own deciple to be killed.Without all these thingd happening we would not know how powerful God because Gods miraculous work was manifested.So we can conclude by saying there is good in evil although it hurts so much.Evil brings about injustice to humanity and it affecting the world making it difficult for the weak to survive.People with power always get away leaving the less privilleged to suffer.As people we have to come together to live as one by respecting each others rights,culture and to work hard to ms


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